Why Real Food Rome?

Why teach cooking classes?

Because the majority of us in the course of the last century has become a passive urban consumer. We are victims of marketing without having any knowledge about real food, where it comes from, how you recognize it, when it grows and how it can be cooked. Through research, training and laboratories, we want to give back to urban residents an approach to food like a symbolic knot, in which our intimate and visceral relationship with Mother Nature is played. Eating can once again become a sensual moment for relating with the elements which can cure both our personal health and that of the world in which we live in.

Why focus on the poor popular cuisine of farmers?

All places teach us the things that farmers have always known how to hear. Agricultural activity/Farming has always been a carrier of a concrete sense of proportion, and of time as the ecological system of human society directly suggests. Some people talk about the “grammar” of local food, from which a potentially infinite variety of recipes is born. Grammatical rules, which one supposes, are also socio-anthropological expressions of a community. In the kitchen, nature and culture fuse together and alchemies are made.

Why do I teach home cooking?

By cooking in a rural family or community setting, symbolisms and seasonal rituals are called to mind through the ingredients, times and movements. If it is love that connects the cook to the people sitting at the table, the cooking will be different. At home, everyone ends up eating together: the dish isn’t a competitive performance but a pleasure to be shared in the act of conviviality.

This article published a few years ago in the magazine Il lato selvatico(the wild side) explores the most complex and deepest reasons which gave life to my project.