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Fresh Pasta

09 cutting fettuccineEverything you need to know to make pasta, ravioli, lasagna and gnocchi at home: preparing the dough, rolling it out by hand and learning the right combinations that go with the various types of pasta and sauces.

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Seasonal vegetables

90 garden to tableRecognizing seasonal vegetables in Italy, cleaning them and discovering the various ways to cook them: artichokes, zucchini flowers, saltwort...From now on, going to the market will get your mouth watering.

Pasta Sauces

rigatoni carbonaraYou will learn how to make carbonara sauce, cacio e pepe(cacio cheese and pepper), but also ragu sauce, amatriciana, Genovese pesto sauce and clam sauce(some dishes may vary according to the season).

Real Pizza

27 woodfire oven2Many may talk about pizza, bu I will teach you how to make a delicious pizza with organic flour made from ancient grains and with natural sourdough leavening(pasta madre), baked in a wood oven!

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Regional Italian cuisines

34 fresh pastaThe famous dishes from the various regions from Tuscany to Apulia to Liguria, in the way my grandmothers’ taught them to me.

Foraging and cooking wild greens

IMG 0012An expert of over 80 wild edible plants common to Italy will teach you how to recognize and cook these greens with unique properties and flavors that form an integral part of regional traditions here.

Seasonal Preserves

06b marmellataYou’ll learn how to can little artichokes in oil, olives under ash, tomato sauce, bitter orange marmalade: every season has its traditional recipes which I will teach you how to do from scratch.

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Natural Cosmetics and Detergents

20 unguentoHow to make soap for the body or for detergents, facial creams, deodorants, curative balms and many other things with products that are good enough to eat and with essential oils.

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