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Agriculture is the art of living: interview with Wendell Berry

wendell berry2I was very excited when I heard of his being in Italy. He came to accept the Artusi prize, previously given to people of the caliber of Vandana Shiva.

I will have the privilege of meeting the farmer-philosopher, poet and sage who many times has inspired us to visionary and bucolic reflections, without depriving himself of subtly eviscerating the very same forms of thought, reconnecting even the relationship between man and woman, to the earth, which suggests, lacks foundation without a piece of earth to tend together. We live in an age in which words like “intellectual” and “farmer” are incompatible: agricultural work is looked upon with scorn, and the relationship with food is in danger. This is why a character like Wendell Berry is revolutionary.

Download the pdf of the article published on AAM Terranuova in May 2009